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Best family ever

What a great vacation. We had so much fun and I totally didn’t diet. A good and a bad thing. I didn’t want to make myself miserable missing out on the fabulous food and feeling guilty because I knew I would still be eating it. I walked two of the days I was up there. I still saw a +2.8……And you know what IT WAS WORTH IT!

Top chart is this year

Bottom is Weight watchers

I was so worried about this weigh-in. After a SUPER weekend of camping I thought for sure there would be a gain…………….NOPE -1.2!!!!

Week 15 = 10% goal.

I did it! I hit my 10% goal in the WW program. This is super cool. We have two more weeks in this session. The great news is that we are going to start a second session so I get another 17 weeks to continue with the weight loss.

WW = 22.2
YTD = 31.5

The below chart shows my weight from 2003 to Current……………