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Todays Work Walk

I found some fun software for my blackberry that “follows’ me when I walk.

AllSport GPS – Right now they have a 60 day free trial.

Below is today’s walk.

Author: jhues789
Date: 21 May 2009 11:51:46 AM
Activity: Walking
State: Wisconsin (wi)
Distance: 1.87 mi (Change units)
Average Speed: 3.5 mph
Duration: 0:31:47
Elevation: Total Gain: 78 ft
Total Loss: 77 ft
Net Change: 1 ft

Week 7 — Not too good only lost .6 but I went to weigh in convinced that I had gained. Combine that with last weeks -3.2 and I’m OK with it. It was a good weekend of celebrations with the Gang (Drinking = Mucho POINTS). Allie made a great Mother’s Day breakfast too!

My Mom and I have been debating our favorite frozen lunches. I thought I’d list a few and their points.

WW Week 6

Two big goals met in Weight Watchers this week.

1 I got my second 5 lb milestone
2 I hit my 5% goal. That means I have lost 5% of my body weight while in WW.

On the WW plan I have lost 11.4 so far and total this year I have lost 20.5.