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On my way to LUG

I am at LUG (Large Users Group) this week in Rochester MN. Yes it’s colder here than it is in Madison but I’m excited that I still get to be part of this great group of people. I was a member of LUG while I worked at Famous but now I get to represent Fiskars. It was about a 4 hour drive but no problems at all.

Good luck to Dan who is staying with the girls this week. THANK YOU DAN!

What is LUG you ask? Click here

Todays Bento

Everyone has heard me talking about Bento Boxes for the past couple of months. My girls and I have been collecting them and using them to pack our lunches for a while now. The main reason for me is portion control. What a help they have been! This is today’s lunch. Some Edamame and wheat thins in the small tier, sticky rice and little smokies in the larger tier, in the lid is some soy sauce and a laughing cow cheese wedge and some yogurt for breakfast.

Yummy Yummy

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