Archive | December 2008

JMM Christmas Strings Concert


Dan, Allie and I went to see AJ perform in the JMM Best of Both Worlds. Classics and Jazz with a special guest Randy Sabien. Mr Sabien plays the jazz violin and was great with the kids.

We had a great time. I’m so proud of her!

Thanksgiving in the Motor City

The girls, Dan and I spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Paw Paw and Detroit. What a great time. I don’t know how they did it but 29 people all had a GREAT dinner.

Allie, AJ, Dan, Pappy and I all hit the 12 Oaks Mall the next day. WOW. What a mad house. So many people it was crazy. After I was so excited to be able to hit a japaneese market I had heard about online where I got some fun new Bento supplies, a HUGE bag of sushi rice and AJ had some of the best sushi of her life.

Next day we headed to Paw Paw with a stop at IKEA with Bill, Ivana and Danny. I Love that store.
YEA We're shopping help meeeeeee So cute Danny in Ikea

It was a long trip but I loved every moment of it…….ok maybe not when Uncle Bill tried to flood out AJ in her sleep (sorry about that) but I’d go back in a heartbeat any time!