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Beer Garden 044 Beer Garden 011A7F 036

Concert night. We headed to see Saving Able, Shinedown, A7F, and Buckcherry on Friday night. AJ, Allie and all their friends and Myself and my friends. We had a blast. The kids had great seats. For the first time ever since I’ve been going to the coliseum there was a beer garden on the floor of the show. What a great idea!

Allie Turns 15

Allie get's her hair done 028

Allie is 15………. Can’t believe it but she is and to celebrate she wanted to get her hair colored so off to Bruce and his new salon we went.

Allie get's her hair done 018 Allie get's her hair done 021 Allie get's her hair done 005 Allie get's her hair done 017

You can see more here

Friday night we are headed to see BuckCherry, Avenge Sevenfold, Shinedown and Saving Able. Should be FUN!

JMM Girls Golf

JMM Girls Golf Banquet 006

AJ celebrated the end of the golf season with two golf banquets. One was the All City Girls banquet and the second was just for the memorial girls team, where AJ won the award for the most unusual tan lines (due to her knee brace). We are very proud of her accomplishments this year. She broke 100 for the first time, (At University Ridge even) and got her first birdie at Bishops Bay

JMM Girls Golf Banquet 014 JMM Girls Golf Banquet 013