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Update- They do exisit

Just a quick note. I’m in the NWA club in the Minneapolis airport (can you say spoiled) surfing the web, drinking and eating for free. I gotta get me one of these memberships!

But the reason I am blogging is that…. I saw Mt. Hood from the plane. I’ll upload the pics later but it was super sweet to see it finally. Can’t wait to get home and see everyone.


I am starting to believe that Mt Rainier, Mt Hood, and Mt St. Helens are all MYTHS! I’ve been here all week and haven’t seen a mountain yet. OK I know it’s been rainy and cloudy but GEEZ!

I was in Tacoma at the Heidi Grace Designs Office, It is in Old Town Tacoma overlooking Commitment Bay on the Puget Sound (that was a mouthful. After completing our work we headed back to Portland. We have been working at the Gerber office another day and I am headed home tomorrow. YEA

I’ve missed Dan and the girls terribly. AJ has been golfing up a storm and Allie has been….well…doing nothing 😉

As always more picks on Flickr.

Portland Trip

I’m in Portland for work this week. I’ve never been here before. It is beautiful. Teri (my boss) took me on a little sight seeing on Sunday when we got here. We went up a very scenic drive up to a place called Vista House Even though it was a bit overcast and drizzling it was wonderful.

We then drove up to Multnomah falls. It truly was breathtaking. The drizzle had turned to rain so we didn’t hike up but non the less spectacular.

Monday and Today I worked at the office of Gerber Legendary Blades. What a cool place. Everyone is so nice and it was great for me to get an inside view of what they do and how I will be supporting them. I even got a tour of the plant. WOW The tour was totally cool. They actually make the blades here. Cutting, grinding and assembly. I felt like i was in a live episode of How it’s Made.

The super people at Gerber even gave me some great goodies to being home!

Last night Teri, Fran and I went to a fabulous dinner and even when shopping ( at a Famous store even!)

This afternoon I am headed up to Tacoma for an overnight visit! I’ll post more and photos later!

Man…it’s been a while

I haven’t blogged in weeks…new job is GREAT. Totally not an understatement. I just didn’t expect to be so freaking happy so fast.

I’m really busy learning so much new stuff. Citirx is big on my plate, It’s a large farm that services world wide locations. VMware, I have only virtualized one server in my life so this is all new to me. SQL Admin/DBA, I’m ok on the iSeries stuff( not great but ok) but the Intel platform, well , it’s a learning opportunity. Exchange & Blackberry Admin, again all new and super fun! It’s all so cool to learn. Of course I still have the iSeries administration stuff too. Mimix, Manhattan, Zmod. JDE is huge here so I am trying to learn as much as possible.

I’m so excited about this job. The travel is a nice change of pace too. I am leaving for Portland/Tacoma on Sunday for a week, going back in about 2 weeks for a couple more days and looks like might be going to France in the middle of October. Ya France. Crazy.

What else………Lolla was memorable. I don’t think I will even forget RATM. What an amazing show. Radiohead, The Toadies, NIN, Black Keys, Bang Camero, Raconteurs and on and on and on.

Dan and I, Brandon, Jim, Tom, Jesse and Amy, J-no were all there for three HOT days. Dan and I found some great shaded spots with stage views. I’ve never seen it so packed. It was crazy at times. Made for great people watching!

Amazing find this year was the food. Dan was 3 for 3 with choices. Tacos and Tamales, Italian sausage and beef sandwiches, and Pad Thai, pot stickers and Chicken Satay

Check out J-No’s blog about it…(even though I never saw him there..BOO) OR check out Jim’s blog He has a great breakdown.

I swear I’ll get the lolla pic’s up soon…

AJ has started golf again for Memorial and has made Varsity. Allie has been too two week long overnight camps this summer and is having a blast.

OK gotta run!